LaViVa process maturity assessment and transformation methodology, FORE™, enables organizations to accelerate their journey toward business excellence. LaViVa Analytics and Insights services provide insights into your business and enable you to make data-driven decisions across functions. We help you analyze the business environment accurately and take strategic and timely decisions that help you unlock your growth potential and become a market leader.
Process Maturity Assessment

Client challenges

A lack of a unified approach across technology, consulting, and analytics to achieve strategic goals is a result of the following:

  • Non-standard business processes

  • Unavailability of tools/technology/methodology to assess the maturity of existing

  • Inability to have a single source of truth to derive insights that drive business decisions

What LaViVa Provides

LaViVa FORE™  methodology includes the following:

  • Establishing the current process maturity baseline

  • Identifying target performance using benchmarks and GOLD SIPOC

  • Recommending and implementing a roadmap to achieve excellence

Business Value

  • Cost savings (excluding wage arbitrage) of about 20-25%

  • Reduction in cycle time and exceptions of about 10-15%

  • Productivity improvement of 15-20% over a 12-18 month period

Analytics Services

We help you analyze the business environment accurately and take strategic and timely decisions that help you unlock your growth potential and become a market leader.

Solutions we offer

We bring in expert statisticians, analysts, and domain experts to help customers analyze their operational, business, and external data to gain insights that help

them be more agile and responsive to the market. This analysis spans across industries and includes:

  • Customer insights: To help you understand consumption trends, loyalty, and customer behavior and manage the 4Ps (product, price, promotion, and place) better

  • Financial insights: To help you manage expenditure, cash flow, and investments better for faster revenue growth

  • Marketing analytics: To help marketing teams deliver the right customer acquisition, growth, retention, and profitability initiatives, and measure brands and channels across digital, social, and traditional media

  • Risk analytics: To help risk officers across BFS, insurance and healthcare industries effectively prevent fraud, reduce losses, and optimize their response to regulatory reporting

  • Spend analytics: To helping you analyze spending patterns to increase profitability and enhance savings

  • Supply chain analytics: To help supply chain teams to effectively forecast demand and manage supply and inventory in a cost-efficient manner, thus improving the bottom line

Industry-Specific Services

The scarcity of capital, demand shift, and stringent regulatory norms have compelled organizations to become more agile and responsive to market needs. They seek a partner who has the industry expertise, can focus on effectiveness and deliver to business KPIs. LaViVa, with its vast domain knowledge, helps you manage and execute not only the traditional SG&A functions but also the COGS functions, thereby generating additional revenue.

Client Challenges

  • Limited availability of a skill pool with the requisite domain knowledge

  • Ineffective processes leading to revenue loss and increased time-to-market

  • Lack of best-in-class industry processes

  • Scarcity of capital leading to unrealistic expectations of faster ROI

  • Demand shift from established markets to the emerging markets



What LaViVa Provides

LaViVa has invested significantly into building its industry domain expertise, which is essential to deliver industry-specific processes. We offer services across the following industries:

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Insurance

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Manufacturing

  • Media and Information Services

  • Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Telecom

  • Travel

  • Utilities


Our team of specialists includes bankers, pharmacists, doctors, and actuaries. They help manage the production schedule in a manufacturing company or decide the appropriate layout for a retail store.

Business Value

LaViVa’s ability to deliver industry-specific processes helps customers to improve their top-line by supporting the following:

  • Entry into new markets/greenfield ventures

  • Improved time-to-market for products and solutions

  • Delivery of better products and improved customer experience

  • Reduced total cost of operations

Horizontal Services

Enterprises continue to grapple with macro-economic factors, competitive market pressures, and regulatory challenges. There is an increasing expectation for the corporate SG&A functions to evolve as a strategic business function driving growth rather than just servicing needs. LaViVa’s large and established footprint in delivering SG&A – A process specific to each industry – helps you improve operational efficiencies and drive effectiveness.

Client challenges:

  • Unable to increase process efficiencies

  • Incapable to drive business effectiveness

  • No Standardize processes

  • Unable to leverage global delivery model


What LaViVa provides 

LaViVa has invested significantly in building its industry domain expertise essential for delivering the following services, specific to each industry:

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Collections

  • Customer Interaction Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Market Research

  • Business value


LaViVa’s ability to deliver horizontal services, specifically for each industry, helps you not only to address the challenges listed above but also to reduce costs and achieve business excellence. We also help improve the following:

  • Operational efficiency

  • Global service delivery capability

  • Customer experience

Platform Solutions

To achieve efficiency and effectiveness, companies rely on industry-standard processes supported by best-in-class technology. However, scarcity of capital and cost pressures compel them to seek innovative engagement models to accomplish these goals. LaViVa’s Platform BPO offering is a Business-Process-as-a-Service that eliminates the need for capital investments while reducing operational expenses. It delivers business process services on applications hosted on a private cloud to help reduce the long-term cost of ownership.

Client challenges

  • Access to best-in-class processes and technology

  • Scarcity of capital limiting the ability to undertake large transformational initiatives

  • Need to comply with evolving regulatory norms constrained by the limited ability to invest in upgrading technology

  • Disparate and customized technology environments creating inefficiencies



What LaViVa Provides

LaViVa helps you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) by combining industry-standard processes delivered with the best-in-class technology environment. Our utility pricing model helps minimize your capital expense (CAPEX) and make your operational expense (OPEX) predictable and proportionate to the business volumes.

We provide platform services for both industry-specific COGS functions and cross-industry SG&A functions. Our industry-specific platform-based services include the following:

  • Closed book processing for the insurance industry (For more details, visit Diligenta Ltd., a LaViVa subsidiary)

  • Retirals and annuities processing for the insurance and government sectors

  • Clinical services for the biopharmaceutical industry

  • Reconciliations and payments processing for the banking industry


Our cross-industry platforms include the following:

  • F& A Platform

  • Procurement Platform

  • HCM Platform

  • Analytics Platform



Business Value

  • Standardized and industry best business processes with state-of-the-art applications and technology

  • Use of a variable pay-as-you-use pricing model that requires minimal capital expenditure resulting in a substantial reduction in TCO and converting CAPEX to OPEX

  • Reduced ongoing efforts and investments to keep the technology up-to-date