LaViVa Business Change Services offer a systematic, time-sensitive approach through structured collaboration to improve change adoption among business, functional and technical teams. We partner with you in the change management program from strategy definition to results recognition. Our proven approach, methodologies, and tools help you embrace change and accelerate transition for faster benefits realization.
Business Change

Our services focus on the following areas:

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Business model changes

  • Enterprise-wide organization restructuring

  • Right sourcing

  • Offshoring

  • Cross-functional Improvement programs

  • Finance and accounting transformation

  • Shared services

  • Business performance improvement

  • Financial and sourcing strategy



We help you improve efficiency, profitability, and agility to ensure a smooth transition and better manage the transformation as a result of changes.

Our services include the following practice areas:

  • Business Process; Change Management: Enable transformation through proven business process and change management solutions

  • Program Management: Achieve projected business value through controlled program execution

Business and Technology Optimization

We provide business and IT consulting services across the life cycle of business transformation programs from strategy to implementation. Our full service, pragmatic solutions focus on delivering business value aligned to your strategic objectives.

We address business challenges in the following practice areas:

  • IT Strategy: Achieve business excellence by partnering with LaViVa and leveraging our IT Strategy Consulting Services

  • IT Process; Service Management: Deliver high-quality services to maximize IT’s contribution to the business

  • Business; IT Architecture: Successfully drive IT-enabled business transformation

  • IT Performance: Optimize your IT infrastructure and enhance business performance



Our well-defined enablers, frameworks, and tools accelerate delivery, elevate process maturity, and lead to faster benefits realization. This results in improved visibility and predictability to scale your IT organization to meet and deliver future business needs.

GRC Services

LaViVa Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services help you effectively manage enterprise risk, ensuring compliance, information protection, business resilience, and assurance. We enable you to transform risk levers to growth drivers by maintaining a balance between benefits realization and risk optimization.

Our services comprise the following:

  • Enterprise Risk Management: Improve business performance and ensure robust risk management

  • Fraud Management; Forensics: Identify, mitigate, and eradicate potential frauds and IT security incidents

  • Business Continuity Management: Build organizational resilience and ensure continuity of critical business functions

  • Identity; Access Management: Minimize security risks, enhance responsiveness, and control and ensure compliance

  • Information Security Compliance: Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of vital information assets

  • Managed Security Services: Secure your business and customers by deploying your information security investments carefully

  • Privacy; Data Protection: Build trustworthy services in a privacy-sensitive environment

  • Information Risk; Security Management

  • Regulatory; Compliance Management



Our professionally certified multi-disciplinary teams with industry experience offer insights gained from global GRC engagements with market leaders. We have ready-to-use tools, enablers, and solution accelerators, which result in mature governance, proactive risk management, and regulatory compliance. This results in improved visibility and insight to proactively address your organization’s business-critical risks and compliance issues.