Engage, measure, and optimize interactions with target audiences across all touch-points, including mobile and social, enabling an overall increase in Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI), with LaViVa’ Connected Marketing Solutions.

As consumers embrace new technologies and emerging channels, these provide newer means for marketers to connect with them. The key challenge for today’s marketers is to provide the right message at the right time through the right channel. Maintaining brand consistency, coordinating with multiple internal and external service providers, and developing actionable insights that reflect a complete and accurate understanding of the customers and speed-to-market are clear challenges.

In a highly competitive business environment and rapidly changing customer behavior, companies need optimized and integrated marketing processes systems and innovative platforms that will deliver customer-centric interactions.

Today’s marketers face the following challenges:

  • Reducing cycle times for campaigns, product launches, and content production

  • Making the right decisions by leveraging large amounts of data and preparing a comprehensive snapshot of the customer

  • Creating enhanced customer experiences, which foster loyalty and help the brand stay ahead of the competition

  • Managing global as well as local marketing campaigns efficiently

  • Increasing transparency and demonstrating returns on marketing investments

Social Engagement

Launch a viral campaign in minutes with CubbuZZ – a solution that offers engagement, digital content aggregation and analytics combined in a novel and visually-compelling package.

LaViVa’s Social Networking and Promotions Platform, CubbuZZ enables you to conduct engaging marketing promotions on multiple channels, measure the effectiveness of your promotional activities, and steer the campaign in real-time based on its response. With CubbuZZ’s social media share function, you can share your promotional activities on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. A pay-as-you-go, cloud-based solution, CubbuZZ helps you launch your campaign as soon as it is designed.


CubbuZZ has an intrinsic ability to link and aggregate information about brands and activities on popular social networking sites and present the content in an

exciting and intuitive manner.


  • Is built on a cloud-based platform, making it a highly scalable and high-availability solution

  • Provides ease of integration and the ability to promote CubbuZZ widgets seamlessly with other web applications and ad networks, minimizing integration costs and rework

  • Provides support for multiple channels such as web, mobile, and multiple devices and platforms such as IOS, Android, etc.




  • Rich media presentation to attract eyes, aiding brand awareness and message association, leading to higher purchase intent

  • High degree of engagement, increased reach and conversions, and an ability to drive traffic to your website while providing your users with innovative ways of engaging with the content

  • Dynamic refresh capability, leading to “always current communication”

  • Sophisticated and One-View Analytics across social networks

Connected Digital Experience Solution

Hyper digitization, the rapid adoption of digital channels, and importance of managing customer expectations have compelled organizations to provide a seamless experience across all customer touch-points.

LaViVa’s Connected Digital Experience Solution helps connect you and your customer with consistency across touch-points.

Client Challenges

Marketers face the following challenges today:

  • Overwhelming data volumes

  • Data fragmentation and complexity

  • The fast-changing expectations of an increasingly connected customer base

  • New technology resulting in evolving touch-points

  • A highly varied media mix, including cross-channel campaigns

  • Silos within the organization leading to disconnected data and campaigns

  • Measurement, proof, and prediction of RoI, and optimization of marketing operations



What LaViVa Provides

LaViVa’s end-to-end approach covers the three aspects required to create a connected digital experience:



Engagement and Experience Creation:

  • Strategizing and designing to create a compelling user experience that is consistent across all digital channels

  • Enhancing digital engagement by leveraging social media, personalization, and gamification techniques



Experience Assessment, Measurement, and Insight


Processing vast amounts of data with speed – analyzing, measuring, and co-relating to provide deep insights and facilitate data-driven decision-making with the following:

  • Web analytics

  • Multi-channel marketing analysis

  • Social analytics and profiling

  • Customer experience measurement and analytics

  • Voice of customer analytics



Experience Management and Delivery

  • Planning, executing, measuring and optimizing marketing & communications initiatives

  • Designing, implementing and supporting Marketing Resource Management solutions

  • Multichannel campaign planning and operations, including targeting and personalization

  • Managing web content



Business Value

We, at LaViVa, help you leverage your digital channels to the fullest – enhancing user experience for individual channels while ensuring consistent cross-channel messaging. We help you manage, monitor, analyze, and optimize the experience over time – ensuring that your brand stays consistent, relevant and engaging.


Our solutions can help your brand with the following:

  • Be consistent, interactive, and responsive across touch-points

  • Enhance customer experience and engagement

  • Build collaborative relationships

  • Leverage each touch-point to create a truly connected digital experience

Digital Transformation Solution

Increasing digitization offers enormous opportunities for enterprises to refine their business models and prioritize their investments in digital technologies. Leveraging LaViVa’s domain expertise, frameworks, and tools, we help enterprises navigate through the complexity and ambiguity of enabling a holistic digital transformation.

Client Challenges


Today, marketers are confronted with the following key challenges:

  • Differentiating across products, services, and touch-points

  • Creating a valuable and compelling customer experience

  • Maximizing the value of customer relationships and interactions

  • Delivering personalized customer experiences that are consistent, reliable, accessible, and valuable

  • Choosing from a number of complex technologies that enable digital transformation



What LaViVa Provides

The four facets of LaViVa’ Digital Transformation Framework include the following:

  • Digital Strategy: We define a clear a roadmap, derived from a series of assessment audits such as the following:

  • Digital Assessment

  • Customer Experience Assessment

  • Social and Mobile Strategy Definition

  • Enterprise integration roadmap


Once we defined a clear roadmap, digital transformation can help you address your most significant priorities and achieve both internal and external benefits, in the following areas:

  • Customer experience

  • Efficiency

  • Productivity

  • Innovation

  • Digital Solutions: Connected Digital Experience Solutions help you engage better with customers through improvements in the breadth, depth, relevance, focus, and continuity of interactions. Our hosted platforms and solutions combine leading-edge technology and analytics to transform the online experience for your customers.

  • Business Process Integration: LaViVa’s vertical solutions and assets are at the core of its Digital Transformation Framework for Business Process Integration. This involves the redesign of the line of business applications incorporating business processes, business rules, and the appropriate KPIs to cater to the integration requirements of digital transformation.

  • Business Analytics: LaViVa’ analytics solutions and assets as a key component of the framework help you with the following:

    • Customer data management and advanced customer segmentation

    • Analytics insights, which help ensure that the value proposition is designed, priced, and presented in the most relevant and impactful manner



Business Value

We help you leverage your digital assets to the fullest with the following:

  • Prioritizing investments in digital transformation to achieve maximum benefits for the enterprise

  • Maximizing the value of customer relationships

  • Driving organization and employee productivity by leveraging digital tools aligned to business objectives such as the following:

    • Reduced selling, delivery, and service costs

    • Accelerated time-to-market

  • Responding to market needs and expectations by creating innovative and differentiated products and services

Social Business Solutions

Enterprises seek to derive value and better business outcomes from social technologies. To achieve this, they need agile, innovative, and scalable integrated social solutions. LaViVa’s Social Business Solutions offer cloud-based platforms and services that help you better engage, listen, analyze, and respond to customers on different social channels.

Client Challenges:

Today, regardless of whether brands have a presence on social channels or not, customers are mentioning and influencing other people’s opinions by sharing their brand experiences. Therefore, enterprises are confronted with the following challenges:

  • Capturing customer insights across channels (both online and offline) to enhance brand experiences

  • Retaining customer attention on the new age digital and social channels

  • Uncovering nuances about products/services through social expressions

What LaViVa Provides

We provide end-to-end solution offerings right from engaging on multiple channels and mediums to analyzing these interactions and generating actionable insights for enterprises to make informed decisions.

We help you better engage with your customers on new-age channels, listen to their needs, and crowdsource their ideas, measure their interactions and analyze their engagement, comments, mentions, and feedback to align brand strategies to customer needs.


Our solutions include the following:

  • Insight Solutions: An analysis of social voice covering brand mentions, conversations, and feedback

  • Customer Intimacy Solutions: Digital solutions to reach and engage customer base on social media

  • Collaborative Solutions: Digital solutions that facilitate dialogue and collaboration within organizations and/or between organizations and customers

  • Enterprise Integration: Enterprise applications including embedded insights from social media



Business Value

LaViVa’ Social Business Solutions help you with the following:

  • Gain customer intelligence / understand the customer from social expressions

  • Build world-class social channels to drive engagement and enhance customer experience

  • Engage customers across social channels in line with a holistic channel strategy

  • Measure and provide a 360-degree view of social business objectives

  • Manage, automate, and optimize social operations

  • Create value for customers while generating new revenue

  • Improve contact strategy at reduced costs, with greater reach


Our solutions can also help various stakeholders in the following manner:

  • Sales Team: Scouting new markets and prospects for business opportunities

  • Marketing: Understanding customer sentiments and positioning the brand, product, and/or services accordingly

  • Market Research: Gaining competitive intelligence

  • Customer Service: Addressing service issues on customers preferred channels

  • Production Innovation: Crowdsourcing to develop innovative products

  • PR: Tracking and responding to brand mentions to prevent a social media crisis

  • HR: Recruiting the best talent by engaging with them on social communities

  • Supply Chain Management: Ensuring product availability by listening to customer feedback

Voice Of Costumer Analytics

With the rapid increase in customer-related data across various social media channels and touch-points, enterprises must analyze this data efficiently and share it across the organization for quick decision making.

LaViVa’s Voice of Customer Analytics solution helps you understand your customers’ opinions, perceptions, and expectations toward your brand, products, and services.



Client Challenges:

  • Data Overload: The number of channels for feedback or customer touch-points have
    increased but enterprises are unable to utilize that data to their advantage. There is an exponential rise in the data and different metrics are being tracked by departments, leading to disparity.

  • Organizational Silos: There is a need for an integrated and timely exchange of information between the service, customer experience, market research, and marketing teams to prevent duplication efforts and the creation of technology islands.

  • Data Co-relation: There is a need to connect both unstructured and structured data with enterprise data (transactional, intranet, etc.) and external data (web, social, etc.).

  • Technology: A multiple vendor landscape leads to an overlap in the product and services offered.



What LaViVa Provides

LaViVa’s Voice of Customer Analytics (VoCA) solution helps you generate actionable insights through various channels and touch-points and improve customer experience, service quality, and customer loyalty with the following:

  • Consulting Services: Strategy definition, transformation roadmap, improve customer experience

  • Insight Services: Near real-time dashboards, standard and ad-hoc insight reports, analyst services, and reports

  • Integrated Services: Integration services with enterprise systems including CRM, sales, warranty, etc.

  • Response Services: Social media response and management, workflow management


Get The LaViVa Advantage

  • Domain: Rich domain and technology expertise across the analytics ecosystem

  • Platform: Platform plus services solutions coupled with best-in-class features

  • Scale: Scalable model for analyst services

  • Fit-to-Need: Customized solutions and services



Business Value

With extensive global experience across multiple industries, we are best placed to offer your business the mix of skills required to innovate and significantly improve your customer interaction, be it individual customers or other businesses. We can help you achieve greater business agility by providing analytics and enabling decision making on the basis of the data from across customer touch-points and the enterprise.

LaViVa’ VoCA solution enables the following:

  • Increased customer-centricity

  • Enhanced business processes

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Improved competitive advantage