Infrastructure Services

LaViVa manages, monitors and maintains customers data centers and IT infrastructure. The services can be provided as fully managed-end-to-end services or they can cover only specific elements.

LaViVa provides the latest technology to your IT infrastructure

Businesses need to strive for ‘High Performance’ to remain profitable and continue to drive new opportunities into the marketplace. The key objective for LaViVa is to be an enabler to business innovation and efficiency – not an inhibitor. To that front, we bring High Performing Business Characteristics such as adaptive, executable strategies in a changing environment, and create competitive advantage through continual innovation.

Managed Services 

We provide one or more of the services listed above as managed services with the capabilities needed to deliver. Continual end-to-end management of infrastructure functions, build and run services interconnect, standardize and optimize workplace, network, server, storage, backup & restore, virtualization, security, and service desk that helps meet your dynamic business needs with SLA delivery commitment.


Drive operational efficiencies by utilizing our managed infrastructure services and operational maturity along with people capacity and project services.  ​​

  • Improved efficiency and speed of complex application deployments by up to 50%

  • Improved application performance between 50-80% 

  • Reduced total cost of ownership up to 65%

  • Increased customer agent productivity up to 30%

  •  Reduced call processing time by as much as 10%

  • Reduced operational costs up to 30% while improving service delivery quality

  • Data Center Optimization – Consolidating your data center footprints helps ensure that data center designs address “green IT” issues related to power use, power sourcing, and climate controls.

  • Server Optimization – LaViVa can centralize more than 80%, standardize up to 95%, and consolidate up to 50% of an organization's existing servers. 

  • Storage Transformation – We assist clients looking to transition to networked storage and eliminate duplicate environments, helping improve storage utilization, investment returns, and the availability of the enterprise data. 

  • Database Optimization – LaViVa's solutions help clients improve IT productivity, reduce the total cost of ownership associated with database technologies, drive more value from their information assets, and improve the performance of mission-critical database systems.

  • Data Center Automation – By automating a number of capabilities to integrate individual components of IT—from server and storage environments to applications—into a seamless service, we help companies reduce delivery costs by up to 30% and delivery times from days to minutes.
  • Data Center Outsourcing – Enabling a secure and stable environment through development and production hosting, storage services, database management, and application technical services. 

Capacity Services

Capacity Services supplement the client’s existing internal resources, bolstering capacity or providing difficult-to-find skill sets. The characteristics include client requests fixed number of infrastructure and/or application management hours over a period of time or on a fixed scope of work with limited operational service level agreements (SLAs)

Transformation Services

Set the infrastructure strategy and execute the transformation from complex, inefficient, rigid infrastructures to one that is more flexible, nimble, and cost-optimized - to achieve business value



  • Gross returns of Infrastructure Transformation can result in direct information technology cost reductions of up to 30%. Indirect benefits driven by cost avoidance and risk reduction opportunities can amount to between 10-50%

  • Consolidation of services and workloads into a standard set of services reduces complexity, improves service quality, and provides a scaling compute environment including cloud computing.

  • Large technology disruptions can be withstood (e.g., data center moves, large application re-platforming, mergers/acquisitions) while innovating in support of business needs

  • Workforces can be connected with personalized services and mobile devices, agile wireless and dynamic networks, and advanced collaboration and communication services

  • Quality of service can be ensured across IT and providers through end-to-end service integration

  • Business alignment is provided through increase governance, analytics, and service monitoring

Cyber Security 

Organizations are facing many evolving changes and threats from external and internal sources driving the need to provide on-going regulatory compliance, reduce risk across the enterprise by increasing service coverage in numerous areas, and managing skills and attrition, while reducing the overall cost to perform these activities.


At LaViVa, we provide Security Operations Center with SIEM monitoring, compliance activities, coordinated investigations, and responses to identified security events/incidents enterprise-wide. We utilize advanced threat and intelligence, and secure content filtering within an enterprise with the end goal to protect sensitive data and reduce risk.




  • Security Operations Center 

  • Enable Remote Access

  • Compliance Management

  • Incident Response

  • Privileged Access Management



  • Highly skilled security professionals

  • Cost reduction by leveraging resources effectively across geographies using global standard delivery processes 

  • Risk reduction by using the right skilled resources with managed resource capacity

  • Meet regulatory requirements

  • Low to no footprint

  • Cloud-based/SaaS delivery capability

  • Flexible delivery model

  • Industrialized end-to-end delivery

  • Enhanced user experience

Service Desk

Many organizations are facing ever-increasing support costs and poor end-user satisfaction driven by multiple support points, lack of business process, and the inability to move to proactive problem management. Lack of technology and barrier to entry by cost of products prevents organizations from getting the necessary view of their IT organization's data to target improvements.


LaViVa Service Desk provides clients with a single point of contact for all technology incidents and requests. The service desk employs global, ITIL-aligned processes and COBIT-based control practices for collecting detailed incident information and resolving the incident appropriately. Our service desk staff provide 24/7 support from multiple global locations, speaking English and many European languages.  


  • Incident Management

  • Portal Services

  • Problem Management


Service Desk drives a number of benefits across the business. Specifically, through global sourcing and an industrialized delivery labor savings of up to 40% have been achieved. Non-labor costs are decreased by up to 10%. Risk is also managed, negating loss of critical resources, human error, or geopolitical sensitivities. Customer satisfaction with support services is increased. Improvement in compliance and business process audit ability. Management time is freed from operational issues, reducing transactional overhead and can be directed to strategic tasks.



  • Clients provided with a lower total cost of ownership, appropriate service levels, & is scalable & flexible to meet the dynamic needs of the business

  • Integrated methods, processes & tools providing skilled 24/7 coverage

  • Experienced professionals with deep skills in Service Management

  • Process-led and Technology-driven. Standard processes are employed at all levels to enable repeatable, precise, and measurable results

  • Support based on an integrated ITIL framework, with ongoing investment in best practices & industry-leading technology

  • Access to industrialized Service Management toolsets (IVR/CTI, Workforce Management, etc)

  • Reduction in down-times for end-users & systems through cradle-to-grave incident management & through proactive problem identification & management of the problem lifecycle