Consulting Services

Address your QA challenges at all levels – strategic, tactical, and operational.

The LaViVa advantage

  • Proven experience in providing consulting services to over 50 leading organizations across multiple industries

  • Holistic quality assurance and test focus

  • A dedicated team of highly trained and experienced consultants

LaViVa’s Assurance Consulting Services cover a broad spectrum, spanning the following

  • Test Strategy Consulting LaViVa Assurance

  • Test Process Consulting

  • Test Center of Excellence Establishment

  • Test Factory Establishment

  • Test Automation Consulting

  • Test Data Consulting

  • Test Environment Consulting

  • Performance Test Consulting

  • Security Test Consulting

  • Tool / Product Evaluation

  • Administration and Management

  • Structural Code Assessment

  • Data Quality Assessment


Business benefits


We add significant business value to your business by helping you with the following:

  • Achieve a significant reduction in your test costs

  • Reduce the time-to-market significantly by optimizing your test processes

  • Realize a visible increase in your organization’s productivity and operational efficiency

  • Enhance the quality of your products

Test Services Implementation
  • Structural Code Evaluation

  • Functional Testing

  • Performance, Security, Localization, Usability and Accessibility Testing

  • Test Automation

  • Specialized Testing: ERP, SOA, DWH, CRM, MF Migration

  • Static Testing

Managed Services
  • Test Environment Management

  • Test Data Management

  • Test Release

  • Configuration and Change Management

Intelligent Testing System

Test Smart with LaViVa’s Intelligent Testing System (ITS). Automate your test cycle, reduce dependency on components, and ensure faster time-to-market with better quality and lower costs.

The LaViVa Advantage

LaViVa ITS, a joint offering with CA Technologies, automates the entire software testing life cycle and provides the following benefits:

  • Helps organizations perform software testing concurrently with software development, resulting in faster development, shorter testing cycles and better collaboration between development and operations teams for continual and smooth delivery

  • Reduces the dependency on multiple applications, hence, minimizing the effort in managing multiple environments

  • Reduces the time required to build the test environment

  • Ensures the effective testing of newly developed applications as well as the comprehensive testing of applications after enhancement and maintenance



Solutions/Services we offer


LaViVa ITS encompasses the following:

  • Business service virtualization

  • Test scenario generation

  • Test scenario automation

  • Test data for testing and development of composite application

  • Provisioning of the test environment

The key features of ITS include the following:

  • Automation of the test scenario creation and test case generation

  • Test data management, with the application of industry-specific data privacy norms, with test data provisioning

  • Automatic business virtual services creation

  • UI testing/front-end testing

  • Test environment management services for provisioning and monitoring the QA environment

  • A one-stop dashboard for QA environment

  • Automation of regression suites

  • Anywhere testing



Solution benefits


Leveraging ITS, you can automate the entire test cycle, reduce dependency on components,
and achieve the following benefits:

  • A 30% improvement in time-to-market

  • A 5% reduction in the number of bugs

  • A 10% reduction in costs

Next-Gen Assurance

Get a step ahead; benefit from LaViVa’s expertise in niche and next-generation test areas to amplify the power of your current testing solutions.



The LaViVa Advantage – LaViVa’s Niche and Next-Gen Assurance services provide you with the following advantages:

  • Strong, world-class ERP experience

  • Joint solutions and go-to-market strategies with global alliance partners like HP, CA, IBM and CAST

  • Dedicated Test Centers of Excellence that continually create tools and frameworks in niche areas


LaViVa’s extensive domain knowledge and expertise make us the ideal partner for addressing quality and testing needs for niche and next generation test requirements.



Solutions/Services we offer

We provide process consulting, strategy consulting and test tool fitment consulting as well as guidance on Test Center of Excellence set up. Our offerings cover the entire gamut of test areas:

  • ERP/CRM Functional, Performance, and Automation Testing: Our comprehensive end-to-end ERP / CRM assurance solutions enable faster, cheaper and better solutions for customers.

  • Indigenous assets and accelerators:

    • Fast Forward

    • Smart Test Manager

    • Harmony

    • eSwift

  • Expertise in the following industry-standard tools:


    • RFT

    • RPT

    • SAP – TAO

    • Solution Manager

    • Worksoft – Certify

    • Oracle ATS

    • CAST

    • Panaya

  • Smart and Intelligent Testing: Automate your test cycle, reduce dependency on components, and ensure faster time to market with better quality and lower costs.

  • Test Data Management: Our range of diagnostic, compliance, and implementation services include the following:

    • Data profiling

    • Data quality assessment

    • Data volume and performance recommendations

    • Data compliance and audit requirements

    • Test data extraction including verification and validation, scrubbing and conditioning, encryption and masking, amplification and refresh

  • Globalization Testing: I18N, L10N testing services across various languages, including Roman and Asian languages

  • Application Security Testing: Security CoE labs and alliances with HP, IBM, CA and Symantec Solutions across end-to-end security consulting, implementation covering network and application security

  • Security Audit and Compliance Testing: Our solutions comply with HIPAA, ISO, PCI, and SOX and provide MSDl SDL, BSIMM, OSAMM maturity framework compliance, and implementation support.

  • Browser Compatibility Testing: Our consulting services cover cross-browser compatibility testing, multiple OS compatibility and browser testing over cloud.

  • Accessibility Testing: We help you achieve accessibility compliance and customize test strategies for different accessibility needs.

  • Usability Testing:

    • User research and task analysis

    • Application/website user interface reviews and services covering information architecture, visual design, and UI testing


Solution benefits

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Increase in test effectiveness by 95-99%

  • Reduced time-to-market and effort: Cycle time reduction of 10-20% and manual effort reduction of 30-40%

  • Improved gross margin: Productivity gain in test design by 15-20%

Test Data Management

The LaViVa Advantage



At LaViVa, we offer you a solution that enables quick and reliable return on investment (ROI). It provides you the ability to mask data and retain referential integrity as well as maintain data quality.

We add value to our engagements with the following:

  • The LaViVa-Informatica (INFA) partnership: As a preferred INFA partner, we not only have significant exposure in the beta version of the product but also offer continual product improvement recommendations. Our mature decade-old partnership ensures continuous support from INFA throughout the sales and delivery lifecycle, with delivery excellence and world-class implementation for the EntTDMS offering.

  • LaViVa’s expertise: We leverage our domain expertise in testing methodologies, in-house tools, best practices, data growth and quality management. We are on-course to add new features to the EntTDMS offering by utilizing our expertise in data validation, data adaptation, and synthetic test data creation.

  • LaViVa’ Test Automation Lab (TDM): This promotes continual improvement and optimizes the overall test automation effort with best-in-class testing practices including tools, in-house frameworks, automation strategy and ready-to-deploy solution accelerators for test data.



Solutions/Services we offer


LaViVa’ Enterprise Test Data Management Services (EntTDMS) may be availed in a stand-alone version or embedded with our Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) services. In the TCoE engagement model, we enable you to create a test organization that provides complete testing services. The services include the following:

  • Test consulting

  • Functional testing

  • Non-functional testing

  • Test support services

  • Test management


In the standalone version, we cover a range of diagnostic, compliance and implementation services.

  • Diagnostic services:

    • Data profiling

    • Data quality assessment

    • Data volume and performance recommendations

  • Compliance services:

    • Data compliance and audit requirements

  • Implementation services:

    • Test data extraction

    • Test data verification and validation

    • Test data scrubbing and conditioning

    • Test data encryption and masking

    • Test data amplification

    • Data refresh



Solution Benefits

  • Risk mitigation with reduced data exposure, improved data privacy by utilizing data masking techniques and protection of sensitive data

  • Enforcement of enterprise-wide policies for compliance across non-production environments

  • Data privacy compliance, helping you stay compliant with HIPAA, GLBA, and other privacy regulations

  • Improved compliance management with regulatory requirements and guidelines, such as BASEL, SOX, SEPA, PCI, and Solvency

  • Masking policy standardization of multiple test environments across different industrial domains for easy externalization across the enterprise

  • Reduced test cycle times achieved with a shorter test data setup duration using cloned data subsets and better quality of test data, leading to increased test efficiencies and effectiveness

  • Optimization of application development, application testing, and training systems, resulting in better savings on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for storage.

Test Automation Manager

LaViVa MasterCraft Test Automation Manager is an integrated platform supporting test script design & management, test planning & execution with integrated reporting and analytics for multiple test automation tools


It comes with an easy to use web-based interface for test design ensuring improved maintainability & reuse of test scripts.



Key Features

  • Support for popular test automation tools like HP QTP, IBM RFT, Selenium, SOAP UI, and JUnit

  • Easy to use web-based interface for test design

  • Centralized storage and version management of test-scripts

  • Test data parameterization and integrated test-data Management

  • Remote test execution and provision for scheduling tests

  • Reports, dashboards, and analytics

  • Seamless integration with popular continuous integration servers like Hudson and Jenkins



Key Benefits

  • Centralized storage and version management of test scripts

  • Reduced time and effort involved in test script creation along with improving maintainability through keyword-driven test script design

  • Improved reuse of test scripts and libraries

  • Integrated test data management

  • Improved governance through standardized test planning and execution

  • Optimized usage of licenses by enabling remote execution

  • Improved visibility through reports and dashboards

  • Support for test automation management for a variety of test automation tools